Bee Wrappy - 4 Pack options
Bee Wrappy - 4 Pack options
Bee Wrappy - 4 Pack options
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Bee Wrappy - 4 Pack options

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Bee Wrappy is a plastic wrap alternative made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Australian organic beeswax, Australian jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and dammar resin.

The vegan version substitutes Candelilla wax for bees wax!

Re-usable, re-washable, eco-friendly, compostable, and breathable, a bee wrappy mimics the natural property of food skins and peels, keeping your food fresher, crisper and tastier for longer.

You can wrap & store, cover or fold!

Each 4 pack has:

  • Two small [17 x 17cm] 
  • One medium [30 x 25cm] and
  • One large [34 x 34 cm] patterned wraps

Patterns are randomly selected

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